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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Parent Bridge?

    Parent Bridge is an internet based tool that allows parent to monitor their student’s progress and communicate with the school.  Parent Bridge was developed by Mesa County Valley School District programmers to provide parents access to their student’s assignment grades, attendance, course grade, standardized test score, lunch and demographic information.  Parents and teachers will be able to communicate easily via email.  Important school messages will be posted to Parent Bridge.


How does Parent Bridge differ for elementary students versus secondary students?

    Assignments, course history and grades are not available for elementary students.  The main focus of Parent Bridge for elementary students is being able to communicate with the teachers via email and the messages posted by teachers and school administrators.


How do I access Parent Bridge?

    Parent Bridge can be accessed from any computer with internet access.  You will need to have an email account in order to receive your username and password and to receive email from your student’s teachers. In your computer’s web browser, go to


How do I register for Parent Bridge?

    Click on the register button on the Parent Bridge home page or click on this Parent Bridge Registration shortcut.  Complete the registration form, then print the form using your browser’s print button.  Sign the form and bring the form to your child’s school.  When  your account has been created. Your username and password will be sent to your email address.


Is there a fee to use Parent Bridge?

    Parent Bridge is free to all users.


What can I do if my child’s information is incorrect?

    Information in Parent Bridge originates from several sources.  If you have question regarding your child’s assignment grade, you may email the teacher.  If you have questions regarding your child’s meal payments or participation, you may email the school’s kitchen manager.  (Links to email addresses are readily apparent in Parent Bridge.)  Otherwise, contact your school’s secretary.

    Please note that the information obtained from the website is not considered official.  All official transcript and attendance records should be obtained in the traditional manner from the appropriate school department.


What can I do if I am having technical problems with Parent Bridge?

    On the Parent Bridge login page, click on the troubleshooting link.  Read identified issues to see if you can resolve the problem.  If not, complete the trouble reporting form and click the submit button.  Your problem will be addressed as soon as possible.


What if I forget my username and /or password?

    Click on the Parent Button located on the Parent Bridge login page.  Click on the Forgot Password link.  Enter your email address and your username and password will be emailed to you.


What if I change my email address or want to change my password?

    Login to Parent Bridge.  On the left hand side, click the Options Button.  Change Password/Change Email address window will be displayed.  Enter changes and click Apply.


What precautions have been taken to ensure data security?

    Industry standard encryption techniques are utilized to protect data while it travels over the internet.  Data in Parent Bridge is read-only which means the data can be viewed, but not changes.  Schools will verify that the requesting parent/guardian should have access to student information before a username is assigned.  It is your responsibility to protect your username and password.


How can my child view the messages and assignment information?

    Students can login to Parent Bridge by using the same username and password that they use for school computers.