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   Guidance Calendars 2009-2010

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Guidance Calendars 2009-2010

       Guidance Calendars for kindergarten through fifth grade are now posted.  Please understand that lesson schedules, content, and topics may change over the course of the school year.  There are many factors that affect lesson planning including: time constraints, schedule conflicts, special events, classroom needs, and teacher requests.  You can access the guidance calendar for your child’s grade by clicking on the links below.  Please contact Ms. Oberer for further information.

    Kindergarten Guidance Calendar

    1st Grade Guidance Calendar

    3rd, 4th, 5th Grade Guidance Calendar


August 2009 - Welcome back, program overview, services, and guidelines

     It’s been a pleasure reconnecting with our Shelledy community again. The first few weeks of school are behind us and with the new year underway I wanted to touch base and provide a quick counseling program update.

     I’ll be teaching guidance lessons in all our classrooms  this year.  We’ll focus on bully proofing, building a caring community, friendship, and problem solving skills.  The peer mediation service will continue to be available to all students through the counseling office.  Small groups will be starting over the next few weeks (Student participation in formal small group activities requires parental consent.)  If I need to meet more than once or twice with students, on an individual basis, I’ll contact parents/guardians or send home a consent form (Small group and individual services are not a substitute for community based mental health services.  Our focus as school counselors is on supporting students’ academic and social success in the school setting.)  If your child received small group or individual counseling services last year and you want these services to continue you will need to fill out new consent forms for the 2009-2010 school year.  Students are always welcome to drop in to visit or eat lunch with me (these activities are not considered “counseling” and do not require parental consent).

      The Project Wisdom theme for August has been “Creating Success in School”.  The Project Wisdom theme for September will be “Respecting Ourselves and Others.”  Members of our 4th grade class will be reading our morning messages in September.

       Student Council applications are due no later than Friday August 28th.  Student Council Representatives and alternates will be announced the first week of September.  We plan on participating in the Fruita Fall Festival Parade again this year to highlight our Positive Behavior Program and celebrate community involvement in our school.

        I’ll be including more specific information about our bully proofing program and classroom guidance curriculum in the September Newsletter.  If you have questions about our counseling program please contact me at 254-6473 or through the main office at 254-6460.


Jill Oberer,  Shelledy School Counselor


Sept. & Oct. 2009- Bullying vs. Normal Peer Conflict, Red Ribbon Week

Bully Proofing

     Dear Parents, I wanted to take this opportunity to talk with you about the difference between normal peer conflict and bulling.  The difference between normal peer conflict and bulling is one of the topics we explored in our classroom guidance lessons this month.      

   Normal peer conflict refers to the typical social problems that often occur between children, problems that are part of growing up.  All children have to learn how to solve these problems, how to handle frustration, and exercise self-control in dealing with others.      

   The term bullying refers to a specific set of behaviors.  In order to be called bullying the behavior has to have happened over and over, bullying is a pattern of behavior not a single event.  The term bullying suggests an imbalance of power between the children involved.  Being older, stronger, bigger, or more popular are examples of ways one child may have more power than another.  Bullying is intentional and done to gain power, material things, and/or control over others.  In a true bullying situation one child is usually very upset while the other child is not upset at all.  The child doing the bullying generally feels no remorse.  The bullying child will often blame the victim and is not interested in solving the problem.  Bullying does not normally take place between friends.   

    We take all incidents of peer conflict seriously at Shelledy.  Part of taking these conflicts seriously is clearly labeling and understanding the differences between them so we can communicate and respond appropriately.  We encourage students to share incidents of peer conflict with parents and school personal.  Please help us teach your child(ren) how to label peer conflicts accurately so that we can respond quickly and effectively.

Red Ribbon WeekOctober 23rd through October 31st  

    For almost 20 years Red Ribbon Week has been a time for schools and communities to come together, pledge to be drug free, and to support healthy living.  We’ll have a number of projects and lessons related to Red Ribbon Week at Shelledy this October. 

    We’ll be inviting families to participate in Shelledy’s Red Ribbon Celebration next month by decorating construction paper squares with the theme of “healthy choices” and/or “pledging to be drug free.”  We’ll put the squares together to make “quilts” for display.  Your child(ren) will be bringing these construction paper squares home early in October.  We hope you’ll take this opportunity to talk with your child about healthy choices.  We look forward to working together to celebrate this important nation wide event.


November 2009- Useful Bullyproofing Strategies

    In September and October our 2nd grade classrooms learned the bully proofing strategy HA, HA, SO. In November our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classrooms will be reviewing the use of HA, HA, SO in bullying situations. HA, HA, SO is an acronym designed to help students remember the skills to use if they’re being bullied. HA, HA, SO stands for:
• Help
• Assert Yourself
• Humor
• Avoid
• Self-Talk
• Own It.

We’ve also established school-wide rules in order to bully proof our classrooms. These rules are:
1. We will not bully other students. We will help others who are being bullied by speaking out and by getting adult help.
2. We will use extra effort to include all students in activities at our school.

     Third, 4th, and 5th grade students will also be completing bully proofing surveys to let us know how we’re doing in this important area. If you have any questions about this program or concerns about bullying behavior please contact Jill Oberer, Shelledy School Counselor. I can be reached at 254-6473 or through the main office at 254-6460.


December 2009- Grief Groups, Project Wisdom

Grief Groups:

? Has your family lost a loved one to death?

? Did you know that children grieve differently than adults?

? Did you know that talking about your experience can help lessen the pain?

? Did you know children want to talk about their experience but may not know how? 

    Death affects all of us sooner or later and if your child has experienced a loss to death—it’s sooner.  When children are given a language to express their feelings about the death they share some very deep emotions.  Which means it can lessen their pain. 

      Children grieve in short spurts which mean you may not witness their hard times.  When they seem happy and playing they appear “unaffected” by the loss, but in reality they are taking a break from intense emotions.  Emotions they do not know how to express. 

   Grief is a journey through unknown territory.  Allowing your children to be involved in grief activities supports them on this journey. 

   A grief group in school is just the place to learn the language of grief, meet other children their age with a loss, and be supported on their journey. 

Grief groups sponsored by Hospice & Palliative Care of Western Colorado will be offered at Shelledy in January 2010.  Please contact Jill Oberer, Shelledy School Counselor, and let her know if your child has experienced a loss of a loved one to death.   Ms. Oberer can be reached at: 254-6473 or through the main office at: 254-6460. 

Project Wisdom:

    Project Wisdom, our Character Education Program is in fully swing this year.  The program is designed to help students make wise choices.  Each morning at 8:50 a message is read over the PA system encouraging us all to think about character issues and the choices we make.  The program started in August this year with teachers and staff members reading our morning announcements.   Fourth, 5th, and 3rd grades took over from there.  Our student readers are doing a great job with the program.  Our theme in November has been “Keeping a Positive Attitude.”  The theme for December will be “The Gift of Friendship.”  We welcome parental and community involvement in this program.  If you’d like to be a guest reader during the month of December please contact Ms. Oberer to schedule a date as soon as possible.   Ms. Oberer can be reached at: 254-6473 or through the main office at: 254-6460.


February, 2010- Classroom Counseling Lessons Update

    Our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classes completed a Bullying Survey in November.   This month we reviewed what we learned about bullying (and normal peer conflict) at Shelledy.  We compared this year’s data to last year’s.   We discussed trends and how to apply this information in responding to bullying situations as a school.  (I’m pleased to say we’re moving in the right direction with small but consistent decreases in bullying behavior reported throughout the survey data.)  We are continuing our focus on building a Caring Community and using the CARES approach to bully proofing (CARES stands for: Creative Problem Solving, Adult Help, Relate and Join In, Empathy, Stand Up and Speak Out).

    In our 2nd grade classrooms we’ve been focusing on sharing and kindness while our 1st grade classes have worked on increasing friendship skills and building PAWS behavior.  Our Kindergarten lessons have focused on friendship skills and feelings education.

    Our Project Wisdom theme for January has been “Stumbling Blocks or Stepping-Stones” addressing ways of overcoming challenges and obstacles.  Our Project Wisdom theme for February will be “Celebrating America’s Diversity.”

    Food Drive Success:

      We collected 34 boxes of food in our food drive!  The food was shared between the Backpack Program and the Salvation Army.  Thank you for making our food drive a success.  We have been selected as Kid’s Give grant recipients.  The Kid’s Give grant will allow us to contribute additional resources to both of these outstanding organizations.