All About Bees
All About Bees: Home The worker bees make the hive and take care of it. They are all female bees. Worker bees can't have babies. They live for about 30 days. There may be over 40,000 worker bees in a hive. worker bees in the hive
worker bee in hive
Bee Hives
Worker Bees worker bee collecting nectar They drink nectar from flowers, put it in a honey sac inside their body and come back to the hive. The bees give nectar and pollen to other bees in the hive. worker bee getting nectar
Drones, Queen, and Lifecycle
Bees and Flowers
Beekeeping Worker bees in hive They chew it and make honey and bees wax out of it. They put the honey in the hive for the larvae to eat. They also keep enemies away from the hive.
Bees attacking a wasp
Fun Facts
Body Parts