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Montane Forests Life Zone: Seasons, Plants, & Animals
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Montane Forests Life Zone Through the Seasons

    The snowy montane winters can get really cold. Temperatures can get well below 0 degrees F. Snow blankets the trees and ground. Over two feet of snow can cover much of the ground. Snow banks can get over 5 feet deep with the help of the wind. The snow may stay on the ground well into spring. On the chilly northern facing slopes, snow can be found in summer.

    For as harsh as it can be in the winter, the shorter montane summers can be really nice. When the plains and deserts are roasting with temperatures above 100 degrees F, the high temperatures in the montane can be in the 70’s and 80’s. The melting snow can form many lakes, streams, and ponds. Aspen trees quickly leaf out, flowers bloom, and grasses quickly grow. Many animals come out of winter hibernation or migrate up from the foothills.

Montane Forests Spring
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Montane Forests Spring Montane Forests Summer
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Montane Forests Fall
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