Colorado Life Zones: Seasons, Plants, & Animals
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Subalpine Life Zone: Seasons, Plants, & Animals
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Subalpine Life Zone General Information
    After leaving the montane life zone, you enter the subalpine life.  The elevation is from about 10,000 to 11,500 ft above sea level. Aspen trees from the montane forests disappear and you get in scattered forests of large pine trees. The upper edge of subalpine is tree line, (above where trees no longer grow). As you get close to the tree line, the different pine trees get shorter and shorter. These dwarf pine trees are called krummholz. They are the same species as the ones lower in the subalpine, only their growth has been slowed by the extreme weather and elevation. The subalpine can have quick and extreme weather changes. Also, some people get altitude sickness hiking in the subalpine. click on altitude sickness and sunburns to learn more.
The subalpine is filled with dense pine forests.
It also has many open grassy meadows.
Subalpine in the summer Subalpine Meadow
Winter rules most the year Subalpine and Tree Line
Snow and cold weather rule most of the year.
Tree line separates the subalpine & alpine.
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