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Click on the links below to see the story winners for the different years.
2018 Discovery Group Stories 2017 Discovery Group Stories 2016 Discovery Group Stories Discovery Group Student Stories 2011-2015
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2009 Story Winnners

Gunners Journey Gunner's Journey Adventures in Florida

By Hannah

Baby Ankylosaurus Baby Ankylosaurus Gets Lost

By Wyatt

Clare and Arbor Day Clare and Arbor Day

by Shanae

The Wilderness The Wilderness

By Peter

The Great Worm The Great Worm!

By Lexys

The Colors The Colors

By Wyatt

The Haunting The Haunting

by Angel and Dasmynn

Mimi the Duck Mimi the Duck

By Courtney

The Bullies The Bullies

By Haylee

Jennie and Mark Jennie and Mark

By Katie

The Ice Princess The Ice Princess

By Natalie

Aliens Aliens

By Cole

You Rock You Rock

By Cory

Dirt Bikes Dirt Bikes

By Alex

The Dog Who Ran Away The Dog Who Ran Away

By Jordon

Ted and Pegs April Fools Day Ted and Pegs April Fools Day

By Gabby

My New Kite My New Kite

By Libby

Hondo and Mittens Hondo and Mittens

By Haylee

Fang the Fire Lizard Fang the Fire Lizard

By Morgan

A Horse Named Shyanne A Horse Named Shyanne

By Shyanne