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2018 Discovery Group Stories 2017 Discovery Group Stories 2016 Discovery Group Stories Discovery Group Student Stories 2011-2015
2014 Story Winners 2013 Story Winners 2012 Story Winners
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2014 Story Winners
Intermediate Grades

A Game of Hide and Seek by Yulissa

A Game of Hide and Seek

By Yulissa

Tigris by Kayla


By Kayla

Night of the Black Prince by Payton

Night of the Black Prince

By Payton

The Survival Games by Christian

The Survival Game

By Christian

Rampart by JackRampart

By Jack

Mermaidella by Abby


By Abby

The Big Escape

The Big Escape

By Brennen

Brain Wars by Jordan

Brain Wars

By Jordan

Ghost Elementary by Jesse

Ghost Elementary

By Jesse

Bob the Squid

Bob the Squid

By Lillian

Galactic by Jordan


By Jordan

Caverella by Beau


By Beau

Running Away into Advenure by Lexi

Running Away into Adventure

By Lexi

The Kids by Cross

The Kids

By Cross

The Poacher by Luke

The Poacher

By Luke


The Lockdown

By Carlee and Jenna

Primary Grades

The Amazing Adventures of Sherman the Sasquatch by Austin

The Amazing Adventures of Sherman the Sasquatch

By Austin

Brooke and Pegasus by MadisonBrooke and Pegasus

By Madison

The Kid Who Didn't Listen by Nayeli

The Kid Who Didn't Listen

By Nayeli

Shark Leaves

Shark Leaves

By Cisco