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Colorado Life Zones: Seasons, Plants, & Animals

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Semidesert Shrublands Life Zone: Seasons, Plants, & Animals

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Semidesert Canyonlands and Shrublands
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Semidesert Shrublands: Canyonlands and Shrublands

Panorama of the Paradox Valley
semidesert canyonlands

The large areas of rolling hills of sagebrush shrublands are often broken by steep sandstone cliffs and canyons. The wagon trains from the east had many troubles crossing Colorado. After climbing over the high Rocky Mountains, these unexpected steep cliffs and canyons of the semidesert shrubland and the lack of water made it very difficult for the wagon trains to cross southern and western parts of Colorado.

Semidesert Canyonlands

Sage Shrublands

Semidesert Canyonlands Sage Shrublands
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Semidesert Canyonlands

Semidesert Shrublands