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Colorado Life Zones: Seasons, Plants, & Animals

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Foothills Life Zones: Seasons, Plants, & Animals

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Foothills: Different Woodlands and Shrublands

The name "foothills" may make you think that it all looks fairly the same. However, the foothills are made up of many different types of plants and trees depending on what part of the state you are located and how high in elevation you are located. The pinyon & juniper woodlands live in the lower parts of the foothills on the western and south central part of the state. The open ponderosa pine woodlands grow on the eastern foothills of the Rocky Mountains. On both sides of the Rocky Mountains, the montane shrublands grow at the higher elevations of the foothills. The foothills are made up of many different landforms, like steep hillsides, cliffs, canyons, mesas, and plateaus.

Open Ponderosa Pine Woodlands:
Lower Foothills (East CO)

Pinyon and Juniper Woodlands:
Lower Foothills (West CO)

Open Ponderosa Pine Woodlands" Pinyon & Juniper Woodlands
Montane Shrublands Montane Shrublands

Montane Shrublands: Upper Foothills

Montane Shrublands: Upper Foothills