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Colorado Life Zones: Seasons, Plants, & Animals

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Subalpine Life Zone: Seasons, Plants, & Animals

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Subalpine Life Zone Through the Seasons

Winter rules the subalpine for most of the year. Temperatures can get well below 0 degrees F for several months. The tall mountains catch lots of snow from the winter storm clouds. Several feet of snow may cover the land. Snow drifts can get over 7 feet deep. It can take most of spring to melt enough snow to see the ground. The melted snow flows down forming ever larger streams, ponds, lakes, and rivers.

Summer lasts from late June to early September. High temperatures can reach the high 70's to low 80's degrees F. Though all year, the almost constant wind can make it seem cooler. It is still possible to find snow in summer in the shade of large pine trees or on north facing slopes.

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