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Recycle City
Recycle City

Our #1 goal... Is to encourage everyone to
Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. All together we can make a big difference in saving our planet.

The U.S. is the #1 trash-producing country in the world at 1,609 pounds per person per year. This means that 5% of the world's people create 40% of the world's waste. Also, the U.S. is one of the countries that produces the most carbon dioxide into the air which causes global warming. So 5% of the world's people create 20% of the carbon dioxide that is put into the air each year. The problems are huge, the solutions come small steps at a time. Our goal is to reduce the amount of energy and water we use, and the amount of trash we throw away.

Don't Waste Water
Ways to Save Electricity
Ways to Conserve Gas

What Can You Do With Unwanted Clothes?
Donate Unwanted Books
Donate Clean, Nice Used Toys
Reuse, Reduce Plastic Bags, Bottles, and Containers

City of Fruita Free Pick Up of Recycling Items
What Kinds of Paper Products Can Be Recycled?

Other Ideas to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle


Conserve Water
Don't Waste Water

If everyone in the U.S. used just one less gallon of water per shower every day, we could save some 85 billion gallons of water per year.

  • Take showers instead of baths
  • Take shorter showers
  • Take cooler showers
  • Buy a shower timer
  • Buy and install a water saving shower head.
  • Shut off the faucet when you are not using it while doing dishes or brushing your teeth. Running the water while you brush your teeth or do dishes for 2 minutes uses between 3-5 gallons of water.
  • Plant trees, flowers, and shrubs that are native to your area and that use less water.
  • Water your lawns early in the morning, in the late evening, or night time. Do not water during the hottest parts of the day.

Save Electricity
Ways to Save Electricity are ........

A compact fluorescent light bulb uses 75 percent less energy
than a regular bulb - and it can last up to four years and save about $30 or more in electricity costs over each bulb's lifetime.

  • Replace old light bulbs with newer energy efficient CFL light bulbs
  • Turn off lights when not needed
  • Use a power strip to plug in electrical cords and turn off at night
  • Turn the TV and lights off when you leave you leave a room for more than a couple of minutes.
  • Don't leave the Fridge door open for too long.
  • Unplug ac adaptors, phone chargers, razor, games , curling irons, stereos, and i-pods when you are not using them.
  • Turn off air conditioners, fans, and heaters, (open windows )
  • Wash your hair every other day, this saves ... Water, heat, shampoo, conditioner, and time.

Interesting Facts

  1. If every American family switched to CFLs, we could save 31.7 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity every year - enough to light about one third of all U.S. households for an entire year
  2. In the United States, the most common way to make electricity is by burning coal. In 2002 about 40% of all U.S. carbon dioxide emissions came from the burning of coal and other fossil fuels to make electricity. Too much carbon dioxide, CO2, in the air causes global warming.
  3. The United States has been the world's largest emitter of carbon dioxide, CO2, for over a century and in 2006 caused about 20% of the world's emissions by using lots of fossil fuels like oil, gas, and coal.

Saving gas
Ways to Conserve Gas

  • Take it easy "don't drive so fast"
  • Try and time your stops and starts.
  • Try going shopping at night when the crowd is smaller.
  • Inflate tires, change the filters, have tune-ups done.
  • Try taking out all unused items out of your car or truck, the extra weight does have an effect on the gas millage.
  • When in line at a fast food place, turn off your car. Your car or truck uses gas while at an idle.
  • Plan your trips so you drive the least distance while going to different places.


What Can You Do With Unwanted Clothes?

  • Donate them to the Salvation Army, a local Thrift store or Goodwill 
  • Donate them to the used clothing store
  • Pass them down to younger siblings
  • Have a Yard Sale
  • Donate them to the Girls and Boys Clubs
  • Donate them to a Church
  • Cut up old one for rags
  • Give them to a school
  • Make something out of them
  • Collect them and send them to other places
  • Donate them to the homeless
  • Give them to foster children
  • Use old material to mend things

Donate Books
Donate Unwanted Books to the ....

  • Thrift store
  • Salvation Army
  • Send them to a Veteran or Soldier
  • Take them to the Goodwill
  • Give to a homeless person
  • Donate them to a Library
  • Collect and send to people who have lost their home
  • Recycle the old ones
  • Donate to hospitals
  • Donate to Special Needs and Disabled people
  • Donate to a Pre-school
  • Donate to a Nursing Home
  • Sell them in a Garage Sale
  • Make a game out of them
  • Give to a Church
  • Pass them around
  • Send to an Orphanage
  • Donate to Day-Care

Donate toys
Donate Clean, Nice Used Toys to ...

  • Toys for Tots
  • a Day-Care
  • injured children
  • a Children's Hospitals
  • the Fire Department

Plastic BottlesMore Plastic Bottles
Reuse & Reduce Plastic Bags, Bottles, and Containers

Americans use 2,500,000 plastic bottles every hour!
Most of them are thrown away!

Plastic Bottles and Containers

  • Wash and reuse plastic bottles
  • Wash and reuse plastic containers for leftover food
  • Buy a nice plastic water bottle and keep washing and refilling it
  • Make crafts out of them
  • Recycle them
  • Buy a water filter to attach to your faucet and stop buying bottled water

Plastic Bags

  • Use them as a lunch bag
  • Take them to the recycle bin at the grocery store
  • Reuse clean ziplock bags from your lunch
  • Use them as a trashcan liner
  • Use them to store ice cubes
  • Use them as a trash bag
  • Use them to pick up animal waste
  • Use them to store food in freezer
  • Bring cloth bags to the grocery store to bag your groceries

Interesting Facts:

  1. In many places in the United States, the tap water from your faucet is as clean or cleaner than the water you get in bottled water.
  2. Each year, an estimated 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide. That comes out to over one million per minute, and it may take thousands of years for some of them to break down. (Source: Reusable Bags)
  3. A lot of plastic bottles and bags get sent out to the ocean accidentally by the wind or water. They collect in some places in the ocean making giant floating trash piles. Plastic bags and other plastic garbage that get into the ocean may kill as many as 1,000,000 sea creatures every year!


Recycling Bin

*The City of Fruita will pick up and recycle the items listed below for those family who live in the city limits.ALL FOR FREE!!!!!!
List of items they can pick up.......

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines and all inserts
  • Office papers and envelopes
  • "Clean" 2-liter and 20-oz soda or water bottles
  • Detergent bottles
  • Milk jugs coded With the symbols 1 or 2
  • Aluminum cans
  • Metal beverage and food cans
  • Cardboard boxes "if they are broken down and bundled together".

To join up please call. 970-858-3663.


  1. Recycling one aluminum can, can save enough energy to run a 100 watt light bulb for 3 hours.
  2. Can you believe that it takes 95% less energy to recycle aluminum cans than it does to make new aluminum cans?
  3. Each ton of recycled paper can save 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil, three cubic yards of landfill space, 4,000 kilowatts of energy and 7,000 gallons of water!

Recycle Paper
What Kinds of Paper Products Can Be Recycled?

Fact: If every American recycled their newspapers, we would save about 25,000,000 trees a year!

  • Newspaper
  • Printer paper
  • Old torn-up books
  • Food wrappers that are made out of paper
  • Posters
  • Notebooks
  • Paper grocery bags
  • Coloring books
  • Old school work

More Facts:

  1. Every Sunday, Americans waste 90% of recyclable newspapers. This wastes 500,000 trees! Recycling a stack of newspapers just 3 feet high can save one tree!
  2. Approximately 1 billion trees worth of paper are thrown away every year in the U.S.
  3. One tree can filter up to 60 pounds of pollutants from the air each year.

More Ideas
More Ideas

Rechargeable Battery
Other Ideas to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

  • Use reusable cloth bags
  • Use rechargeable batteries instead of disposable
  • Use cloth diapers instead of disposable
  • Buy things in bulk whenever possible
  • Mend and repair instead of throw away
  • Pick up trash when you see it.
  • Use non-toxic cleaning products
  • Buy products with less or no packaging to throw away